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Wave Dragon news

December 2006 

  • Aalborg University concludes that Wave Dragon has reached 18% efficiency – close to our long term goals for the technology
  • Wave Dragon has initiated an EC funded R&D project that will develop the prototype into a full-scale power plant
  • Expected submission of consent application for Welsh Demonstrator March 2007
  • Two new partners have joined the Portuguese 50MW project
  • Risoe recommend in its 5th annual Energy Report Denmark to develop a position in wave energy similar to the world-leading position acheived in wind energy

Results from three years testing

ImageAalborg University - which have the responsibility of testing and monitoring the Wave Dragon grid connected test rig - has now reported power converting efficiency results from the more than three years prototype testing.

These results have been published in the European Coordinated Action on Ocean Energy (CA-OE) network workshop in Lisbon in November. The article is available at the download section


Wave Dragon ApS has since March 2004 successfully carried out long-term prototype testing of the Wave Dragon technology. More than 20,000 hours of operating hours experience makes Wave Dragon the most thoroughly tested offshore WEC technology in the world. These prototype tests have:

  • Demonstrated long term system availability
  • Verified power generation performance
  • Demonstrated reliable power take off technology

Aalborg University concludes that the Wave Dragon technology in its prototype testing has reached an overall wave-to-wire efficiency at 18% of all energy available between the tips of the wings from seabed to sea surface.

This is a very positive result for Wave Dragon and clearly above what was expected at this stage. Moreover it is close to the long term 21% efficiency goal for the technology. This supports the Wave Dragon company’s business model.  The experience from testing shows furthermore that there still is room for significant improvements in the overall efficiency.


Prototype testing continues with a supplementary power take off system to improve overall efficiency and further test system availability.


New EU and Welsh Assembly Government funded R&D project initiated


Wave Dragon initiates major EU FP6 funded research project for a multi MW demonstrator project: title: Development and validation of technical and economic feasibility of a multi MW Wave Dragon offshore wave energy converter.

This project will develop the Wave Dragon technology from the tested all steel built 20 kW prototype to a full size composite built multi MW unit. By comprehensive testing it will validate its technical and economic feasibility. The research part of the project will:


Develop Wave Dragon’s energy absorbing structure; the low head turbine power take off system and the control systems.

  • Develop cost effective construction methods and establish the optimal combination of in situ cast concrete, post-stressed reinforcement and pre-stressed concrete elements.
  • Develop a cost effective 250-440 kW hydro turbine system.
  • Demonstrate reliable and cost effective installation procedures and O&M schemes.
  • Establish the necessary basis for design codes / recommendations for offshore multi MW devices.



The Welsh Assembly Government part of the project – the actual construction of the device - has received funding from Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) for the 4-7 MW demonstration unit to be deployed by 2008 in Welsh waters.

Read more at our web site www.wavedragon.net/wavedragon_mw and www.wavedragon.co.uk 


Welsh Demonstrator Project – Consent Process


Wave Dragon is seeking to deploy a 4-7 MW device off the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales 2008. The consent process is ongoing and application will be submitted before end of March 2007.

Wave Dragon is a highly environmentally benign form of power production, but we realise that little operational monitoring data exists to prove this. We shall therefore be undertaking a full schedule of operational modelling as well as timely studies that can be compared to the baseline data being gathered by out EIA Consultants. This information will inform the work on our Welsh wave farm.

Work is underway by the following Consultants;

  • Anatec (Navigation / Navigation Risk Assessment)
  • CMACS (Benthic, intertidal and terrestrial ecology and marine mammals)
  • CSL (Ornithology)
  • Danbrit (Commercial Fisheries)
  • Enviros (Visual Intrusion)
  • HR Wallingford (Coastal Processes)
  • Subacoustech (Underwater Noise)
  • Wessex Archaeology (Marine Archaeology)

New Partners jointed the Portuguese 50 MW project

ImageWave Dragon is partner in the Tecdragon SA which is developing a 50 MW wave energy project in Portugal. Two Portuguese companies have now joined this partnership; ETEC, Lda (http://www.etec.pt) a civil engineering company specialized in consulting and project management, and CASAISINVEST (http://www.casaisinvest.pt), the holding company of the CASAIS Group of enterprises (http://www.casais-sa.pt), one of the most important building construction companies in Portugal. The change in capital structure bringing the equity to 50.000 € and the company has changed from Lda to SA. 

An agreement with the Banco Espirito Santo Investimentos has been signed in relation to establish the needed finance structure for the whole project expected to be deployed by 2009-2010.

Tecdragon is currently:

  • According to the expected legislation to be published soon, studying the optimal localization for the 50 MW farm
  • Setting up partnership with major Portuguese institutions in the energy market

  • Negotiating with Portuguese contractors and shipyards to establish manufacturing facilities in Portugal

Risoe has wave energy at the top of the renewable priorities list

The annual Risoe Energy Report (no 5) has been issued and addresses status and trends in renewable energy, and gives an overview of global driving forces for transformation of the energy systems in the light of security of supply, climate change and economic growth. The report is volume 5 in a series of reports covering energy issues at global, regional and national levels.

One of the more significant findings is the potential resources, technologies and future markets of wave energy.


Risoe recommends Denmark to develop a position in wave energy similar to the world leading position it has in wind energy. Wave Dragon fully agrees with Risoe on that!


Get the report here: the introducing web page or the full report