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 April 2006

Our new EC €2.4 million co-funded R&D project has now started.

As a part of EC's FP6 research and development programme Wave Dragon has been awarded a €2.4 million grant to cover the R&D issues related to scaling up to a  multi-MW device.

This project will run from April 1st 2006 to March 31st 2009; it will realize the Wave Dragon technology and develop it from the tested all steel built 20 kW prototype to a full size composite built 4-7 MW unit, and by comprehensive testing validate its technical and economic feasibility.

The RTD-part of the project will:

  1. Develop Wave Dragon's energy absorbing structure; the low head turbine power take off system and the control systems
  2. Develop cost effective construction methods and establish the optimal combination of in situ cast concrete, post-stressed reinforcement and pre-stressed concrete elements
  3. Develop a cost effective 250-440 kW hydro turbine system
  4. Demonstrate reliable and cost effective installation procedures and O&M schemes
  5. Establish the necessary basis for design codes/recommendations for offshore multi MW devices

For further information please contact H.C. Sorensen ( , phone +45 35 36 02 19)