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Wave Dragon has
proven very little
environmental impact
Wave Dragon is a
large offshore wave
energy converter

Wave Dragon is a large-scale technology for the generation of electricity from ocean wave energy. Invented by Erik Friis-Madsen, it has been developed with funding support from the European Union, the Welsh Development Agency, the Danish Energy Authority and the Danish Utilities PSO Programme.

The Wave Dragon Technology

The central, front face of the device is a doubly-curved ramp, up which incoming waves surge (as on a beach). Behind the crest of the ramp lies a reservoir that gathers the water that overtops the ramp. Energy is extracted as the water captured in the reservoir is allowed to drain back to the sea through a number of low-head hydro turbines located within the reservoir. 

The amount of energy captured by the device is increased by long reflector wings mounted either side of the reservoir, which channel the waves towards the central ramp. The device is slack moored for and aft to allow it to turn into the principal wave direction. 


A large scale prototype launched in 2003 was the world's first offshore grid-connected wave energy device. This test unit has supplied electricity to the grid in more than 20,000 hours – a world record. A 7 MW demonstration project is currently being applied for in Wales, and preparations are underway for a 50 MW array in Portugal.

The succes

Wave Dragon is a large offshore wave energy converter of the over-topping type; a floating hydro-electric dam and represents state of the art technology within the field of wave energy converters. The heart of the unit is a large floating reservoir. Two reflector wings concentrate the power of oncoming waves, which pass up a curved ramp and into the reservoir. The water returns back to sea through a battery of low-head turbines.

hours of electricity since 2003

3 benefits with wave dragon

  1. Due to its size service, maintenance and even major repair works can be carried out at sea leading to low O&M cost relatively to other concepts
  1. The Wave Dragon concept combines existing, mature offshore and hydro turbine technology in a novel way
  1. Wave Dragon is the only wave energy converter technology under development that can be freely up-scaled

The Wave Dragon comes in 4 sizes

1.5 MW device

Yearly power production up to 12 GWh. Device width:  230 m

GWh / Year

4 MW device

Yearly power production up to 12 GWh. Device width:  230 m

GWh / Year

7 MW device

Yearly power production up to 20 GWh. Device width:  270 m

GWh / Year

12 MW device

Yearly power production up to 35 GWh. Device width:  320 m

GWh / Year

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